Peninsula Life is a fresh and vibrant publication taking the Redcliffe Peninsula by storm. Launched in December 2017, Peninsula Life is a multi-faceted entity that has a strong local and online presence. The free, bi-monthly magazine presents unique advertising and promotional opportunities for local businesses on the Peninsula.


Brandtree is the design team behind the branding, print publication and website. We work cohesively with the Peninsula Life team to create a beautiful print magazine that is distributed across the Redcliffe Peninsula and online.

Making a splash

Brandtree ensured that the brand activation was strong and embodied the essence of Peninsula Life. Through print items such as business cards, media kit, promotional goods and merchandise, we ensured that Peninsula Life would launch with a vibrant brand identity and presence in the region.

The stats

Print Issues


Pre-Press Checks

Fantastic Brand

At a glance

Website Development

Brandtree designed and built a sleek, interactive, platform that showcases the brand and is home to a digital copy of the Peninsula Life magazine content.

Creative Direction

For the print publication, the team created a style guide and designed template layouts that can be used throughout all issues. This ensured that each issue has a cohesive style whilst allowing flexibility for the content and theme.


Expert Advice

As a partner of Peninsula Life, Brandtree also contributes branding related articles that are published in each issue. We produce content that is not only engaging, but relevant advice for both current and future business owners alike.