Kindred Property Group is the premier real estate, property development, and auction house on the Redcliffe Peninsula. Kindred is not only dedicated to making a real difference within the work they do, but in their branding and marketing also. Kindred require a branding and marketing team that are industry leaders, who can ensure a strong, consistent and cohesive brand presence and essence across dozens of different media types, for numerous developments, multiple agents, and countless campaigns.


Brandtree have worked alongside Kindred for 7 years, providing overall brand management and development of their marketing strategies, objectives and brand presence. Brandtree deliver digital, design, and strategic solutions for property developments, individual agent marketing, campaigns, and the brand as a whole. Further, Brandtree also support with internal branding and marketing objectives, providing full brand management support to the Principle and Leadership Team, assisting with business development and growth strategies.

Full brand management


Brandtree works with Kindred to develop a theme and marketing for their monthly house auctions, held in the Kindred Redcliffe office. Each month, Brandtree works with the Kindred team to meet the challenge of developing a visual theme to draw potential buyers in.


2017 was a year to amp up the Kindred marketing and produce a brand style that matched the expansion of this business. #k17 was born and the Brandtree team delivered a contemporary, consistent brand personality for Kindred that has grown and developed with the company.

Digital growth

The Brandtree team delivered a modern, clean website for Kindred with full integration of their property listings and agent information and bios. This upgrade enhanced Kindred’s web presence and allowed them to move forward with a digital platform that matches their vision.
View the website here.

Working with people


Brandtree work individually with the sales agents at Kindred to distinguish their personal style within the company brand and create memorable marketing for their regions of sale that position them as leaders in the industry. Brandtree collaborate with the agents to create all makes of marketing material in print, web, signage, promotional items, etc.

Development marketing


Brandtree worked with Kindred to develop their sub-brand ‘Kindred Developments’ and to produce seven property developments logos and brands to date. Each development follows a strategic marketing structure with print and web collateral, and each has resulted in successful sales.

The stats


Years in Partnership

Real Estate Campaigns

Property Development Brands

At a glance


Kindred’s brand was developed by Brandtree and has undergone 2 evolutions/rebrands as they have grown and developed in the successful business seen today.

Property Development

Property development branding has been delivered for 7 Kindred developments, including but not limited to custom designed logos, campaign messages, advertising material and signage.

Agent Marketing

Brandtree supports Kindred in all real estate agent marketing campaigns, including assisting agents to develop their individual brand, while still representing Kindred as a whole.