8th Ave Terrace is one of Palm Beach’s newest restaurants. The venue is creating food culture in the region, and has become a local favourite with picturesque ocean views, world-class degustation and ever-evolving food and drinks menus. 8th Ave Terrace were looking to grow their brand digitally, as well as create graphic designs and print collateral to compliment the unique events they host.


Brandtree continues to provide intuitive marketing strategies and event coordination for 8th Ave Terrace. We have created a range of print media that aligns with the current brand, as well as incorporating videography to capture their events. These different elements are then collated across social media and the business’s website to showcase their successes.

Branding Your Events

Brandtree works closely with the management team at 8th Ave Terrace to shape and execute their events. From initial concepts to complimenting print items, our Brisbane team works with 8th Ave to market events to the right audiences. We are proud to have worked on events with 8th Ave Terrace such as Melbourne Cup, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, A Taste of 2018 and many more to come.

The stats

Major Events

Successful Campaigns

Power Ballads Sung on Roadtrips from Redcliffe to Palm Beach

Event Video Views

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Social Media Strategy

Through the use of video, photography and curated tiles, Brandtree uses digital storytelling to bring events to life (even before they occur) allowing audiences to engage with the brand and its offerings. 8th Ave Terrace has a strong brand presence on social media that compliments the venue’s character.

Print Collateral

Custom print items, such as invitations, tickets and posters, are designed in correlation with each event. Brandtree has established an elegant brand styling that is used across a variety of different mediums.


To elevate brand coverage, Brandtree has engaged a videography strategy to capture the essence of 8th Ave Terrace’s specialty events. The result is high quality, authentic footage that is used across a variety of digital platforms.